Top 10 Things Cats Hate – Make Sure to Avoid Them

Of course, we all know that cats are mysterious animals. They may be loving and adorable in many ways, but then, they also have their own personality. Cats are typically known for their temperaments. That is precisely why they have a huge list of things that they do not like. Want to know the things cats hate the most? Well, we will help you with that.

Cats have a massive list of things that they hate. Loud noises and smells, Sudden movements, and a few specific textures are huge NO for your cat. In fact, too much attention and not much attention – both of them are on their hate list as well. In essence, cats are moody animals, and finding what they hate and what they like may not be that easy.

Top 10 Things Cats Hate – Make Sure to Avoid Them

To understand what your cat hates or loves, check out the facial expressions that your cat exhibits. However, it may be pretty hard to find what your cat hates at times.

1. Smells

Cats are very sensitive to strong smells. There are some specific odors that they hate the most. In fact, there are some smells that we love that are a bete noire for your furry friend. 

Citrus is one small that makes your cat go mad. They also hate rosemary and thyme. They also find bananas, lavender, and eucalyptus too strong and heavy. Most of the essential oils are toxic to your cat.

2. A Constant stare

Cats do not like it when you stare at them. Yes, of course, they can keep staring at you, but if you do that to them, they will get aggressive. I once had a cat (we called it Jumbo because of its size), which would hit her paws at me when I kept staring at her, even for a minute or so. Her pupils would get dilated, and she would begin to get uncomfortable.

In the cat world, maintaining constant eye contact indicates aggression and dominance. Cats, as aristocratic animals they are, do not like being dominated either by you or members of their own cat family. Your size would also make it intimidating for the cat, and it may decide to strike you on your nose if you keep staring at her.


3. Too much affection

Cats are aloof in a way. Of course, they seek attention and want to be loved. But too much attention and affection are things that they are not comfortable with. Well, there are two things that you need to take care of. Do not hold them in a position where they would feel powerless. Secondly, do not indulge in an over-aggressive petting. These two are what your cat may hate the most.

Do not force your cat to spend time with you. This can hurt your relationship with your cat. Since the cats love sleeping and spend most of the time doing nothing, we would recommend leaving them alone when they are not interested. 

4. Too little attention

This can get confusing and contradictory. Cats hate it when you do not pay any attention to them; that is why we treat cats as mysterious creatures and a moody one. In a minute, it hates you touching or petting it; the next minute, it demands attention from you.

Check your cat and its demeanor. Recognize your kitty’s cues and give it attention exactly when it desires. It may need a lot of expertise and experience to understand what exactly your cat is looking for. Imagine your cat is asking for affection, and it does not get it – your cat will not forgive you for that.


5. Loud Noises 

Take any type of loud noise; your cat will definitely hate it. Fireworks, thunderstorms, construction noises, people arguing, construction noises, or even loud music – your cat hates all of them. These noises can get confusing and scary for your cat.

Continuous exposure to loud noises can make your cat experience behavioral issues such as aggression and depression. It can even result in severe physical symptoms such as hair loss, lack of appetite, and overgrooming.

6. They hate the dirty litter boxes 

Cats feel annoyed when they have dirty litter boxes. Using a dirty bathroom will never be a pleasant experience, and that is what your cat will feel when you force it to use a dirty litter box. Given the fact that cats tend to be the cleanest among the animals, they would hate anything that is not up to the mark. Your cat may begin peeing everywhere if the litter box is not clean.

Do not wait until your litter box is full to clean it. Opt for a good cleaning schedule to ensure it is in good condition. It is important to clean the litter box every day. If you are not comfortable cleaning it daily, you can install a self-cleaning litter box. 

7. Being left alone

Cats get bored when they are left alone. Even when they may appear to be solitary animals, they seek attention. If you tend to ignore them, they can get restless. Cats do like the routine socialisation and thus would hate being left alone. 

You can consider getting another cat in your home. However, not every cat may like another cat near them. It may be a good idea to adopt siblings so that they would get along really well. 

8. Baths

Domestic cats hate baths. You might have noticed it: When you bathe your cat, it gets so angry and disturbed. However, its cousins, like tigers, tend to enjoy a leisurely soak. It will stay annoyed with you for a considerably longer time.

If you need to bathe your cat, make sure to get over it as soon as possible, Keep all your bathing supplies ready. Get your cat dry as soon as you are done. You can also use a hair dryer to get your cat cleaned and dried. 


9. Touching their tales

Cats dislike their tails being held or stroked. However, if your cat has been socialized as a kitten, it would not mind its tail being held. It is important to ensure that your kid or you should keep an eye on whether your cat is unhappy.

Most of the cats do not like being petted beyond their abdomen, especially around the groin area. Avoid petting your cat in any area that it is not comfortable with. 

10. Medications

Of course, even we hate those bad tasting medications. So does your cat. The best way should be to wrap your medication inside a lunchmeat or bread. You can even grind the pill into whatever your cat loves to eat. 

The crux of the matter is they do not understand why they are being given the medicine and get intimidated when forced to consume it. Of course, this is one thing on this list that you should not avoid. Make sure that you have made the kitty swallow the medicine – no matter how much she hates it.


In Conclusion

Well, that list is not conclusive in any way. But, these tips should ideally give you an idea of what your cat hates and how to keep her happy. If you have the cat with you for a considerably long time, you will be aware of what she likes and what she does not. Make sure to devise the right plans to ensure that your cat is not annoyed too much.


1. What smells keep cats away?

Ans:- The specific smells that cats hate are lemon scents (orange peels, lemon peels), garlic, ammonia, vinegar, coffee grinds, pipe tobacco, mustard, citronella, or eucalyptus

2. Why do cats hate eye contact?

Ans:- A direct eye contact continuously can be a sign of dominance and aggression in the cat world. This can make your cat irritated or annoyed.

3. What sounds can calm down a cat?

Ans:- Soft classical music can help calm down your cat. It can effectively lead to a balanced heartbeat and relaxed breathing.

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